This directory helps you navigate the vampire BL webcomic Transfusions.Maybe you had a break reading the webcomic and can't remember how far you got. Maybe you want to re-read a certain part of the webcomic.This directory has a short summary of each chapter and a panel to refresh your memory. The image links to the chapter.This directory will obviously contain some spoilers, so tread carefully.Transfusions moved from SmackJeeves to in 2018 after Book 1 had ended, so if you dropped off during that time I suggest you go to the last chapters of Book 1.

Book 1 chapters:

Book 1 Chapter 1 – 52 pages
Dylan is attacked by Joa. Joa threatens Dylan's friends and family.

Book 1 Chapter 2 – 57 pages
Dylan gets sick, Joa cooks for him and tells how he became a vampire. Later they buy a laptop for Joa. Dylan falls asleep in Joa's apartment.

Book 1 Chapter 3 – 40 pages
Sauna evening at Carolyn's. Dylan is drunk and complains about his dad. Joa tells about his friend Mark and gf Jess.

Book 1 Chapter 4 – 45 pages
Dylan's dog Luke is visiting. Joa and Angie meet in a clothing store. Joa wonders if he has feelings for Dylan.

Book 1 Chapter 5 – 61 pages
Dylan notices a change in Joa's behavior. He has dreams of Joa. Joa kisses Dylan. Later Dylan goes to Joa's place to confess his feelings.

Book 1 Chapter 6 – 48 pages
Dylan opens up about Joa to his friends. Angie gives an encouraging speech about sexuality. Dylan and Joa talk about touching and having sex. Alf reveals he has a crush on Carolyn.

Book 1 Chapter 7 – 50 pages
Christmas party! Dylan's getting cold feet.

Book 1 Chapter 8 – 37 pages
Dylan goes to home for Christmas. Joa gives him mittens and meets Dylan's mom. Joa and Dylan talk about sex dreams. Joa questions if Dylan really understands that he has done bad things.

Book 1 Chapter 9 (NSFW!) – 32 pages
The first time!

Book 1 Chapter 10 (NSFW!) – 61 pages
Joa treats Dylan dinner. At home Dylan returns the favor. Game night at Angies, Dylan's friends find out about Joa's identity.

Book 1 Chapter 11 – 88 pages
Alf goes to have a talk with Dylan and Joa. Joa and Dylan discuss about sexuality. Angie and Dylan make up. In a café Joa tells more about himself to Dylan's friends. Carolyn draws a portrait of Joa.

Book 1 Chapter 11.5 – 10 pages
Dylan tries on Joa's jacket.

Book 1 Chapter 12 (NSFW!) – 44 pages
Valentine's Day! Joa has a request for Dylan.

Book 1 Chapter 13 – 36 pages
Dylan is sick and Joa grows very hungry. He drinks too much of Dylan's bood and needs to take Dylan to the hospital. Joa is tormented by fear and guilt, Dylan reassures him that they will work things out.

Book 1 Chapter 14 – 17 pages
Longing. Dylan asks if Joa could drink his friends' blood in case of an emergency.

Book 1 Chapter 15 (NSFW!) – 44 pages
Joa is leaving to South before summer starts. Dylan plans to join him after he is done with summer exams. But Joa doesn't reply to his messages after a while...

Book 2 chapters:

Book 2 Chapter 1 – 44 pages
Fall, classes have started. Joa is still gone. Dylan is sad. Exchange student Tara is introduced. Dylan goes to Joa's empty apartment. Italian vampire attacks him in the alley. Joa saves Dylan.

Book 2 Chapter 2 – 30 pages
Joa tells Dylan what happened in South Africa. They kiss, but Dylan is too sad to go further.

Book 2 Chapter 3 – 26 pages
Dylan and Joa have a talk with Dylan's friends. Joa asks Angie's advice for helping Dylan.

Book 2 Chapter 4 (NSFW!) – 40 pages
Bathroom handjob at the university. At home Dylan eats too much. Joa makes Dylan skip morning class for more sex. Dylan mentions spanking.

Book 2 Chapter 5 – 37 pages
Joa tells Dylan how he met Mark and Jess.

Book 2 Chapter 6 – 44 pages
Joa tells Dylan how he became a vampire.

Book 2 Chapter 7 (NSFW!) – 34 pages
The group goes photographing an empty building. Joa shows off. At home Joa and Dylan have sex (blowjob and growling).

Book 2 Chapter 8 – 48 pages
Cabin weekend! The group finds a vampire in the wood shed. He and his partner are shapeshifters. Joa almost dies. Dylan asks Joa if he would turn Dylan.

Book 2 Chapter 8.5 – 6 pages
Angie offers Joa her blood. Joa and Dylan talk in Dylan's cabin room.

Book 2 Chapter 9 (NSFW!) – 30 pages
Angie confessed to Tara. Joa has bought new clothes. Joa and Dylan try spanking (it's very effective!). Casimir and Lou talk in a bar, someone listens in.

Book 2 Chapter 10 – 48 pages
Dylan and friends go to a Halloween party. Joa and Dylan end up in a very dangerous situation with other vampires. A familiar face appears.